Sunday, 6 February 2011


At school every guy seemed to have an obsession with willy's/cock's/dick's (however you want to call 'it'.) My male friends found it hilarious drawing one (or 10) on the front and back of my work book which would successfully make me cringe every time i gave my work book in for marking (especially to the more hunky teachers) and something that no matter how hard i tried to scribble out, seemed to shine through with the biro marking lined with the british obsession with the phallus. Well i've never seemed to understand it...
I, somehow, seemed to escape getting one drawn on my face at sleepovers .... Quite surprising as we used to have many a big sleepover. It still cracks me up whenever i think of my friend Seb coming in with one eyebrow missing (having stupidly fallen asleep around a load of drunken boys) and asking me to 'draw one on for him with my eyeliner'.
So last week we went out for my friend Sylvie's birthday, and after a hard night of partying we end up back at our house and hang out in my room getting high. Belle, a little too high, (foolishly) falls asleep and for the first time in my life i got the urge to draw a cock on her face. (excuse the drawing! i was very high...)I have never experienced such a immature pleasure which still cracks me up now.....

She was snoring so loud that i couldn't sleep and got a taxi to my fella's house so unfortunately didn't get to see her face when she awoke. I did, however go back to find the following drawn on my car the next day:

I have yet to remove it (i have tried!) but think it's to stay for a while as it makes me chuckle. So now, i can safely say, i see the hilarity in cockophilia.
God Bless x

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