Sunday, 6 February 2011


At school every guy seemed to have an obsession with willy's/cock's/dick's (however you want to call 'it'.) My male friends found it hilarious drawing one (or 10) on the front and back of my work book which would successfully make me cringe every time i gave my work book in for marking (especially to the more hunky teachers) and something that no matter how hard i tried to scribble out, seemed to shine through with the biro marking lined with the british obsession with the phallus. Well i've never seemed to understand it...
I, somehow, seemed to escape getting one drawn on my face at sleepovers .... Quite surprising as we used to have many a big sleepover. It still cracks me up whenever i think of my friend Seb coming in with one eyebrow missing (having stupidly fallen asleep around a load of drunken boys) and asking me to 'draw one on for him with my eyeliner'.
So last week we went out for my friend Sylvie's birthday, and after a hard night of partying we end up back at our house and hang out in my room getting high. Belle, a little too high, (foolishly) falls asleep and for the first time in my life i got the urge to draw a cock on her face. (excuse the drawing! i was very high...)I have never experienced such a immature pleasure which still cracks me up now.....

She was snoring so loud that i couldn't sleep and got a taxi to my fella's house so unfortunately didn't get to see her face when she awoke. I did, however go back to find the following drawn on my car the next day:

I have yet to remove it (i have tried!) but think it's to stay for a while as it makes me chuckle. So now, i can safely say, i see the hilarity in cockophilia.
God Bless x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

So i'm back writing on here instead of writing a song i like which was my todays 'to do'- too much pressure. I can't seem to write a song i'm happy with so that being my thing to do today seems stupid. Perhaps i will now go and write a song i don't like. That way i might just complete my days list!

So i have 3 flat mates, one who is probably the most lovely, yet cynical person you'll ever meet when it comes to love.                                      
                                                                     P  O  L  L  Y

Polly in my car at a service station on the way back to London. My friend Tish was smoking up some heavy skunk and Polly decided to have some.... and regretted it pretty soon. 
I'm cruel but had to take a photo because the situation was so. funny. (for me.)

She is studying English and is extremely secretive. It's my daily mission to pull some kind of information out of her but it's not always possible as she is just. a. mystery. Someone i will never be ablE to work out. I think thats why i love her so much. I love a challenge. 
This morning I go in to her room and ask her if she's got any great poetry I can read (to help me get inspiration for the 'awesome' song i was supposed to be writing!) and she brings me up a book as well as telling me that once upon a time she had a blog with her poetry on it. Being Polly she would just give you this information and then leave without telling you the name of it or how to find it....however, being me, I made her send me the link straight away. And if she didn't i would have sent her minute updates. (I'm mean!). So here it is. And i thought i would share it with whoever reads this as her stuff really is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.L.

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Wow. 'I' say "i" (eye!) a lot. 'I' never realised. And now i can't stop. ahhh.

SO.... my dissertation is on the digitalisation of recorded music which is now a huge topic with the recent decline in CD sales, the huge debate over illegal downloading and if music should be free or not and the thousands of suggested business models in hope to save the future of the music industry.

I'm looking at the change from recordings being manufactured and distributed as physical products to recordings being distributed as non physical, digital information. I'm wanting to look at this particularly from musicians points of view and look at how this change is effecting the practices of being a musician today. I'm also looking at the value of recorded music and exploring whether the digitalisation of recorded music has changed the way which music is valued both economically and culturally.

For our/my generation I think this change is key in our lives and I believe that what the music industry is going through at the moment will mark a key point in music history. It has to change. Just in my life time I can see the difference in the way people are consuming music - Including myself.

If you are a musician (or not!) and interested in the subject or have anything to say please do email me. I am looking for musicians to interview... the kind of questions i'm asking is....

Have/How have your listening habits changed?
Where do you get your music from?
Do you illegally download?
Do you agree/disagree?
Do you think music should be free?

And more on value and the cultural significance of music. Etc. Etc.

Please do email me if you can/want to on

Ta for now. Time to go swimming...


So i've been meaning to start a blog for a while.
Every year I have the hope to start a diary and still have my beautiful leather bound book i bought for 2009 with the intention of writing in it every day however with the first 2 pages filled with my 2009 new years resolutions, the book remains empty.
It always happens that when i do decide to write a diary it's when i'm feeling 'blue' and when i look back at it a few years later I always I think 'how depressing'..... So i thought i'd start a blog with day to day interests, some photography and pretty things i see/hear. And hope that it may focus my mind a little (or clear it a bit!) for my creativity. Now in my last year (**ahem** term!! oh god.) of uni. Every time i say it it gets more scary and everyone seems to think now's the time to ask me what i'm going to be doing with myself come June when I've finished and 'my life starts'. Now is definitely not the time to ask me. Nor will it be in a year, or 3 i would imagine.

I've just got back from Marrakech, Morocco, where my lovely brother and sister took my for my 21st. It was magical. I've never been anywhere like it and cant wait to go back. I took this picture in a taxi- it makes me want to make a film.

It's taken on my  Vivitar 'Panorama' IC 101 which i bought in an Oxfam charity shop for £1! Thinking back my boyfriend gave me an un-hopeful look of 'really'?! when i was looking at this piece of plastic i wanted, yet he would eat his words now! Maybe that's just the look he gives me when i'm wanting to buy something, anything...he thinks i have an addiction of spending money. I think he may be right.

Back to the camera (!!!) it's simply a 35mm regular camera which cuts off the top and bottom of photos to give it a panoramic effect. I love it. Another photo I took with this camera which i love  is one i took when leaving Glastonbury in 2010. Me and my friend James were walking through with our big bags, tents and whatever else and it was a great sight. A real eye opener and an example of the way humans treat the earth we live on. We all leave so much after we've left, whether that be a good thing, or a bad thing, or just a load of rubbish: