Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Wow. 'I' say "i" (eye!) a lot. 'I' never realised. And now i can't stop. ahhh.

SO.... my dissertation is on the digitalisation of recorded music which is now a huge topic with the recent decline in CD sales, the huge debate over illegal downloading and if music should be free or not and the thousands of suggested business models in hope to save the future of the music industry.

I'm looking at the change from recordings being manufactured and distributed as physical products to recordings being distributed as non physical, digital information. I'm wanting to look at this particularly from musicians points of view and look at how this change is effecting the practices of being a musician today. I'm also looking at the value of recorded music and exploring whether the digitalisation of recorded music has changed the way which music is valued both economically and culturally.

For our/my generation I think this change is key in our lives and I believe that what the music industry is going through at the moment will mark a key point in music history. It has to change. Just in my life time I can see the difference in the way people are consuming music - Including myself.

If you are a musician (or not!) and interested in the subject or have anything to say please do email me. I am looking for musicians to interview... the kind of questions i'm asking is....

Have/How have your listening habits changed?
Where do you get your music from?
Do you illegally download?
Do you agree/disagree?
Do you think music should be free?

And more on value and the cultural significance of music. Etc. Etc.

Please do email me if you can/want to on rolowemusic@gmail.com

Ta for now. Time to go swimming...

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