Wednesday, 19 January 2011

So i'm back writing on here instead of writing a song i like which was my todays 'to do'- too much pressure. I can't seem to write a song i'm happy with so that being my thing to do today seems stupid. Perhaps i will now go and write a song i don't like. That way i might just complete my days list!

So i have 3 flat mates, one who is probably the most lovely, yet cynical person you'll ever meet when it comes to love.                                      
                                                                     P  O  L  L  Y

Polly in my car at a service station on the way back to London. My friend Tish was smoking up some heavy skunk and Polly decided to have some.... and regretted it pretty soon. 
I'm cruel but had to take a photo because the situation was so. funny. (for me.)

She is studying English and is extremely secretive. It's my daily mission to pull some kind of information out of her but it's not always possible as she is just. a. mystery. Someone i will never be ablE to work out. I think thats why i love her so much. I love a challenge. 
This morning I go in to her room and ask her if she's got any great poetry I can read (to help me get inspiration for the 'awesome' song i was supposed to be writing!) and she brings me up a book as well as telling me that once upon a time she had a blog with her poetry on it. Being Polly she would just give you this information and then leave without telling you the name of it or how to find it....however, being me, I made her send me the link straight away. And if she didn't i would have sent her minute updates. (I'm mean!). So here it is. And i thought i would share it with whoever reads this as her stuff really is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.L.

Enjoy xx

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