Tuesday, 18 January 2011


So i've been meaning to start a blog for a while.
Every year I have the hope to start a diary and still have my beautiful leather bound book i bought for 2009 with the intention of writing in it every day however with the first 2 pages filled with my 2009 new years resolutions, the book remains empty.
It always happens that when i do decide to write a diary it's when i'm feeling 'blue' and when i look back at it a few years later I always I think 'how depressing'..... So i thought i'd start a blog with day to day interests, some photography and pretty things i see/hear. And hope that it may focus my mind a little (or clear it a bit!) for my creativity. Now in my last year (**ahem** term!! oh god.) of uni. Every time i say it it gets more scary and everyone seems to think now's the time to ask me what i'm going to be doing with myself come June when I've finished and 'my life starts'. Now is definitely not the time to ask me. Nor will it be in a year, or 3 i would imagine.

I've just got back from Marrakech, Morocco, where my lovely brother and sister took my for my 21st. It was magical. I've never been anywhere like it and cant wait to go back. I took this picture in a taxi- it makes me want to make a film.

It's taken on my  Vivitar 'Panorama' IC 101 which i bought in an Oxfam charity shop for £1! Thinking back my boyfriend gave me an un-hopeful look of 'really'?! when i was looking at this piece of plastic i wanted, yet he would eat his words now! Maybe that's just the look he gives me when i'm wanting to buy something, anything...he thinks i have an addiction of spending money. I think he may be right.

Back to the camera (!!!) it's simply a 35mm regular camera which cuts off the top and bottom of photos to give it a panoramic effect. I love it. Another photo I took with this camera which i love  is one i took when leaving Glastonbury in 2010. Me and my friend James were walking through with our big bags, tents and whatever else and it was a great sight. A real eye opener and an example of the way humans treat the earth we live on. We all leave so much after we've left, whether that be a good thing, or a bad thing, or just a load of rubbish:

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